What Month has the Most Car Accidents?

The state of Texas released a calendar with fatal accident statistics by month and road type. To no ones surprise most fatal accidents happen on US & State highways. In 2011, the state of Texas had 1,052 fatal accidents with 1,188 fatalities. So if the highways are the most dangerous, then what are the safest roads to take? Well, it turns out it pays to take the toll roads. In 2011 there were only 12 fatal accidents on the toll roads of Texas with 13 total fatalities. Interstates had 391 fatal crashes with 431 fatalities, while on city streets there were 587 fatal accidents with 611 fatalities. The total of fatal crashes in 2011 in Texas was 2,751 down from 2,772 in 2010.

In addition to breaking down the amount of fatal accidents by the type of roads on which they occurred, the data is also organized by the months in which they happened. Thanksgiving is documented as the largest drinking holiday in the United States. But despite the fact that the majority of fatal car accidents involve some type of alcohol or substance abuse, the month of November had only 209 fatal accidents and 227 total fatalities. June and July (the months that harbor Memorial day and the 4th of July) each had only 278 and 270 total fatalities, respectively. April surprisingly had the most fatalities caused by automobile collision, with 266 accidents and a total of 287 deaths. October followed closely behind, with a total of 265 fatal accidents and 285 deaths. According to this data holidays do not seem to have a substantial impact in the amounts of vehicular death. This is probably due to a larger awareness of substance abuse, an increase in police checkpoints and alternate methods of transportation for the intoxicated.

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